Financial Services

BMA Financial Services is Pakistan’s first independent Financial Wealth Management division that provides a one stop shop for a multitude of investment options including Mutual Funds, TFCs, T-Bills, PIBs and other Financial products. Our One–Stop Distribution solution includes Financial Product Research, Decision Making Tools and Investment Monitoring Service that help our clients reach an educated investment decision and monitor performance of their investment portfolios on an ongoing basis.

Wealth Management – Broad Product Suite

BMA Financial Services draws its strength through its vast network of Product offerings with a well-trained and experienced team of Wealth Management Professionals who align their success to the satisfaction of our clients. Our extensive clientele is evident of the long term relationships we nurture with our clients.

The Financial Edge

Money Market Funds:

  • Ideal for investing corporate surplus
  • Invest in TDR of AA rated banks, Government Securities with maturity of less than 6M
  • Cannot invest in TFC, CFS, PIB and in institution rated below AA

Income Funds (Shariah Compliant & Conventional):

  • Invest in debt securities, money market instruments, CFS, spread transactions, ready future, direct deposits
  • Income funds that invest in debt securities are generally less volatile than stock funds and produce regular income

Equity Funds (Shariah Compliant & Conventional):

  • Invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks
  • Generate higher returns on longer term investments

TFCs/ Sukuks:

  • Corporate and Sovereign debt bonds directly available with us
  • Fixed Income instruments with lower volatility and risk than equities